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36 Exceptional Printing Presses in Pennsylvania

Updated: Feb 24

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The state of Pennsylvania, often referred to as the Keystone State, holds a unique and advantageous position for those looking to publish their works, whether they are books, magazines, digital content, or any other creative endeavor. While the choice of where to publish can be influenced by various factors, Pennsylvania offers a compelling case for authors and publishers alike. In this essay, we will explore why Pennsylvania is a wise choice for those seeking to share their ideas and creativity with the world.

Pennsylvania's rich literary history and cultural diversity provide a fertile ground for creative expression. The state has a long and storied tradition of producing celebrated writers and poets, from Edgar Allan Poe and Pearl S. Buck to contemporary luminaries such as Jennifer Egan and Richard Blanco. These illustrious figures have left an indelible mark on the literary landscape, making Pennsylvania a place where literature is celebrated and respected. Authors and publishers can find inspiration and support in this literary heritage.

Alpha Book Publisher is the largest publishing company in Pennsylvania that specializes in a wide range of genres, from fiction to non-fiction. They have a reputation for nurturing emerging authors and providing them with a platform to share their stories.

Moreover, Pennsylvania's thriving literary community is not limited to a few renowned authors; it extends to numerous writers' workshops, book clubs, and literary festivals. The state hosts an array of events and organizations that bring together authors, publishers, and readers. The annual Philadelphia Writers' Conference and the Pittsburgh Book Festival are just two examples of the vibrant literary scene that welcomes creative minds to share their work and connect with like-minded individuals.

From a logistical perspective, Pennsylvania's strategic location in the northeastern United States provides easy access to major publishing hubs, such as New York City and Washington, D.C. This proximity to major metropolitan areas is advantageous for publishers, offering a blend of urban convenience and a lower cost of living compared to those larger cities. It makes for an attractive place to establish publishing houses and offices without the excessive overhead expenses.

Schiffer Publishing is celebrated for its high-quality illustrated books. They produce titles in various niches, including art, antiques, and collectibles. Their visually stunning publications cater to enthusiasts and collectors alike.

OGW Publishing is dedicated to the publication of inspirational and motivational literature. Their catalog includes self-help books and personal development resources.

Roaring Spring Blank Book Co is an established producer of notebooks, journals, and other stationery. They are known for their high-quality paper products, popular among students and writers.

HarperCollins is one of the "Big Five" publishing houses, recognized for its extensive list of authors and best-selling titles. They publish everything from literary fiction to non-fiction and children's books.

IGI Global specializes in academic and scholarly publishing. They produce books, journals, and research papers covering a wide array of subjects and disciplines.

Parchment Global Publishing is an independent publishing house with a diverse range of titles, including fiction, non-fiction, and educational materials. They have a reputation for fostering new talent.

Grackle Publishing is a smaller independent publisher that specializes in poetry, fiction, and non-fiction, with a focus on niche markets and unique voices.

Pearhouse Press is a boutique publisher that champions literary fiction and creative non-fiction. They have a strong focus on author relationships.

Sunbury Press is an independent publisher with a diverse catalog, including historical fiction, non-fiction, and speculative fiction. They have a strong focus on regional works.

Scribe Inc. is a full-service publishing company that offers a range of services, from editing to marketing, to assist authors in achieving their publishing goals.

Nori Media Group specializes in publishing works that reflect diverse cultural perspectives, focusing on underrepresented voices and stories.

The Charles Press Publishers is an independent publisher that focuses on fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. They often publish works that challenge societal norms and push creative boundaries.

Kallisti Publishing specializes in non-fiction works, including self-help and personal development literature. They help authors share their expertise and knowledge.

MerchLife Publishing caters to authors in the music and entertainment industry. They produce books that offer insights into the music business and artist experiences.

Judson Press is a Christian publisher known for producing books on theology, ministry, and spirituality. They cater to religious authors and readers.

Sound Wisdom specializes in publishing inspirational and motivational literature. They offer a platform for authors with a message of personal growth and success.

Prolific Press is a poetry publisher that aims to promote emerging poets and their work. They have a strong focus on artistic expression.

Paul Dry Books is known for publishing literary fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. They have a reputation for engaging storytelling and unique voices.

Dreamstarters Publishing helps aspiring authors turn their manuscript dreams into reality. They provide a range of services to support the publishing process.

Esquire Publications is a full-service publishing company that supports authors in every step of the publishing process, from manuscript preparation to distribution.

Lanternfish Press is an independent publisher focused on literary fiction, creative non-fiction, and experimental literature, often from emerging authors.

Endless Mountains Publishing Company focuses on regional and local works that highlight the culture, history, and natural beauty of the Endless Mountains region.

Harrowood Books is dedicated to publishing works of speculative fiction, including fantasy and science fiction.

Bookhaven Press LLC is an independent publisher with a diverse range of titles, including fiction, non-fiction, and educational materials. They have a reputation for fostering new talent.

Taylor & Francis is a well-known academic publisher that produces scholarly literature and research across various disciplines, including science, social sciences, and humanities.

Heartfelt Books Publishing is dedicated to memoirs, personal stories, and self-expression. They work closely with authors to capture their unique narratives.

CaryPress International is a full-service publishing company that provides a range of services, from editing to marketing, to help authors achieve their publishing goals.

Rowman & Littlefield is a prominent academic and trade publisher with a diverse catalog that covers a wide range of topics, including education, history, and politics.

The Local History Company is dedicated to preserving and promoting regional history through a range of publications, including books and maps.

New Door Books is an independent publisher that focuses on thought-provoking literature, including fiction and non-fiction that challenges conventional thinking.

32. eGenCo

eGenCo is a self-publishing company that assists authors in bringing their books to market through various services, including editing and design.

Philosophical Publishing Co specializes in philosophical and metaphysical literature, offering works that explore deep and thought-provoking concepts.

Casemate Group is a well-established military history publisher, known for its authoritative books on various aspects of military and naval history.

OnLine Publishers Inc offers comprehensive publishing services to help authors turn their manuscripts into professionally published books.

Tree House Books is a smaller independent publisher that emphasizes nature, environmentalism, and outdoor literature.

Pennsylvania is a state that values culture and the arts. Various state-sponsored and private grants, as well as cultural organizations, support the arts and literary endeavors. This financial support can be a boon for emerging authors and publishers, helping them bring their creative visions to life.

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The state offers a compelling case for publishing due to its rich literary history, vibrant literary community, strategic location, access to talent, business-friendly environment, and cultural support. Whether you are an established publishing house or an aspiring author, Pennsylvania's fertile ground for creativity and innovation make it a wise choice for publishing your works and contributing to the thriving world of literature. The Keystone State is indeed a key player in the realm of publishing, ready to help you unlock your creative potential and share your stories with the world.


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