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28 Illinois Publishers Fueling Knowledge and Creativity

1. Alpha Book Publisher

Alpha Book Publisher is a renowned publishing company known for its diverse range of titles. They specialize in fiction, non-fiction, and educational books, catering to a wide readership.

2. Baha'i Publishing

Baha'i Publishing focuses on literature related to the Baha'i Faith, offering books and materials that promote unity, peace, and spiritual growth.

3. Common Ground Research Networks

Common Ground Research Networks is an academic publisher that supports conferences and journals across various disciplines, facilitating scholarly dialogue and collaboration.

4. Royal Publishing Co

Royal Publishing Co produces educational resources and materials that support students and educators in their learning and teaching journeys.

5. Educational Directories Inc

Educational Directories Inc offers directories and resources related to educational institutions, assisting students and parents in making informed decisions.

6. Research Press Publishers

Research Press Publishers is a respected publisher of educational materials and resources, specializing in social and emotional learning, counseling, and mental health.

7. Kidsbooks Publishing

Kidsbooks Publishing is dedicated to creating engaging and educational children's books that inspire a love of reading and learning from an early age.

8. CMJ Marian Publishers

CMJ Marian Publishers focuses on Catholic and Marian literature, providing a range of books and resources for spiritual enrichment.

9. Agate Publishing Inc

Agate Publishing Inc is a dynamic publishing house that produces a diverse range of books, including fiction, non-fiction, and cookbooks.

10. Lark Sparrow Press

Lark Sparrow Press is a small, independent publisher that focuses on fiction and non-fiction works that aim to engage and entertain readers.

11. Brittany Publications

Brittany Publications offers a variety of books and resources, often with a focus on health and wellness, providing guidance for personal improvement.

12. Dramatic Publishing Co

Dramatic Publishing Co is a leading publisher of plays and theatrical materials, serving the needs of actors, directors, and drama enthusiasts.

13. Dream Image Press, LLC

Dream Image Press, LLC specializes in self-help and personal development books, offering guidance and inspiration for readers seeking positive change.

14. IPG

IPG (Independent Publishers Group) is a distribution company that partners with a wide range of independent publishers to bring their books to readers worldwide.

15. Schoolcraft Publishing

Schoolcraft Publishing is dedicated to creating educational materials for students and teachers, often focusing on reading and literacy resources.

16. Templegate Publishing Co

Templegate Publishing Co is known for its religious and spiritual books, promoting diverse faiths and traditions through literature.

17. Midwest Publishing Co

Midwest Publishing Co produces educational resources, particularly in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.

18. Kendall Hunt Publishing Co

Kendall Hunt Publishing Co is a respected educational publisher, offering textbooks and instructional materials for students and educators.

19. American Catholic Press

American Catholic Press is dedicated to Catholic publications, producing liturgical and catechetical materials for the Church and its members.

20. Windy City Publishers

Windy City Publishers is an independent publisher known for a wide range of fiction and non-fiction titles, often with a connection to Chicago and its culture.

21. Swan Isle Press

Swan Isle Press focuses on works of fiction and non-fiction, often with an international and cross-cultural perspective, offering readers fresh insights and stories.

22. Human Kinetics

Human Kinetics specializes in books and resources related to sports, physical activity, and exercise science, serving athletes, coaches, and fitness professionals.

23. Browne & Miller Literary Associates

Browne & Miller Literary Associates is a literary agency that represents authors and their works, assisting with the publication process.

24. Beasley Books

Beasley Books is an independent bookstore that offers a curated selection of rare and collectible books, catering to avid readers and collectors.

25. Fort Raphael Publishing Company

Fort Raphael Publishing Company is dedicated to producing books and resources that inspire personal growth, self-improvement, and mindfulness.

26. Children's Plus Inc

Children's Plus Inc. is a book distributor that specializes in supplying libraries and schools with a wide selection of children's books, fostering a love of reading among young readers.

27. Prime Publishing LLC

Prime Publishing LLC is a digital publisher that produces a wide range of content, including craft, cooking, and lifestyle publications, engaging hobbyists and enthusiasts.

28. Maher Publications Inc

Maher Publications Inc is a publisher known for its magazines and periodicals, often focusing on niche markets and specialized interests.

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